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Notes on the Reproductive Health/Teens Data

There are three document types on this website:

  • Individual state policy descriptions
  • 50-state policy comparisons
  • Summaries of policy issues

The policy descriptions and comparisons are not meant to be read as stand-alone documents.  The policy issue summaries describe the issues covered and define the terms used in the policy descriptions and comparisons.  We suggest printing a copy of the relevant summary to keep with any data reports you print, and reading it before interpreting the data.  Click here to open the Summary of Reproductive Health Provisions and Teen Requirements.  (There are also links to the Summary in the 50-state comparisons and on each state page.) 

Reproductive Health/Teens Data

SPDP's goal is to provide information on state policies that are written in state statute, regulation and caseworker manual.  The information presented on this website describes state policy, not practice.  Data on reproductive health provisions and teen requirements reflect state policies enacted by legislation passed through December 31, 1997.  Any policy changes made in 1998 legislative sessions (or subsequent regulations) are not reflected here unless noted.

SPDP fielded three surveys on TANF's Reproductive Health Provisions and Teen Requirements.  Most of the information on these issues was collected through a survey first completed by one person in each state--an independent policy analyst or advocate.  The TANF agency in each state was then given an opportunity to review and verify the information.  [The New York and Virginia state TANF agencies did not verify the survey response, so the information for those states is based solely on the responses of independent policy analysts.]  To resolve discrepancies between the original respondents' answers and information provided by state agencies, SPDP staff consulted state statute, regulations, and policy manuals.

Two additional surveys were sent directly to state agencies.  The Abstinence Education Program information was collected through a survey sent to state Title V directors.  Information on the following topics in the Minor Living Arrangement reports was collected through a survey completed by state TANF agency directors:  state data; funding; interagency collaboration; and evaluation.  SPDP staff did not consult state policy documents to verify the data collected on these topics.

Survey respondents provided comments and explanations with varying levels of detail.  The surveys included lists of answer options for many questions, and states often provided additional detail, particularly in describing "other" policy options.  Inclusion of these comments should not be interpreted to mean that the policy described is unique.  Other states may have similar policies, but did not offer as much detail in their survey responses.   Explanatory text provided by states is included to enrich the description of that state's policies, not to distinguish its policy from those of other states.  In individual state policy descriptions, state comments are indented.  Descriptive text provided by survey respondents is also included in some of the 50-state comparisons. 

Please note that SPDP does not yet have Reproductive Health/Teens data from Alaska.  The 50-state comparisons contain information on the other 49 states and the District of Columbia.


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