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Summary of Medicaid Issues

50-State Policy Comparisons

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1:  Replacing the Automatic Eligibility Link between Medicaid and Welfare with a Family Coverage Category HTML                                                                                 
2:  Countable Income Test and Earnings Disregard Policies Used to Determine Medicaid Eligibility of Families with Children HTML  
3:  Gross Income Test Rules Applied to Families with Children for Medicaid and TANF Cash Assistance HTML  
4:  Use of Child Care Deductions when Determining Eligibility for TANF and Medicaid HTML  
5:  Treatment of Child Support Income in Determining TANF and Medicaid Eligibility HTML  
6: Asset Rules for TANF and the Medicaid Family Coverage Category HTML  
7:  Eligiblity of Two-Parent Families HTML  
8:  States' Use of the Medicaid Sanction Option HTML  
9: Choices Regarding Medicaid Coverage of Immigrants HTML  
All 9 Medicaid Tables, including summary (49 pages)   PDF


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