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Reproductive Health/Teens

Family Cap

Excluded Children: Family Cap in a New Era chronicles states’ early experiences with and research findings regarding the family cap in the 23 states with some type of family cap policy.

Caps on Kids: Family Cap in the New Welfare Era is a fact sheet based on Excluded Children.

Open Questions: New Jersey’s Family Cap Evaluation provides highlights of research findings released in 1998.

Teen Parents

FAQ: Tapping TANF for Reproductive Health or Teen Parent Programs answers frequently asked questions about how to use TANF funds for pregnancy prevention and teen parent services. The paper addresses the purposes for which TANF can be used, the population that can be served, and many other issues. 14 pages, April 1999.

Tapping TANF: When and How Welfare Funds Can Support Reproductive Health or Teen Parent Initiatives describes the availability of roughly $3 billion in unspent federal TANF funds and provides guidance to advocates and agency administrators seeking to tap these funds for pregnancy prevention and teen parent initiatives. The paper discusses what can and cannot be done under the law and describes what states are already doing with TANF and state Maintenance-of-Effort funds to prevent pregnancy among all age groups and to improve the option facing teen parents. 30 pages, April 1999.

The TANF Funding Stream: When and How Welfare Funds Can Support Reproductive Health or Teen Parent Initiatives provides a concise description of the allowable uses of TANF as well as the types of pregnancy prevention programs and teen parent projects that states are currently funding through TANF and state Maintenance-of-Effort funds. This paper is excerpted from a longer piece, Tapping TANF. 4 pages, April 1999.

Seeking Supervision: State Policy Choices in Implementing the TANF Minor Parent Living Arrangement Rule provides an overview of policy choices states have made in implementing the minor parent living arrangement provisions.

Seeking Safe Haven: Two States Approaches to the Minor Parent TANF Living Arrangement Rule also explores these policy choices and focuses on how two states have addressed the issues and how they continue to refine their choices. The two selected states, Illinois and Vermont, were chosen because they have specific policies that seek to protect minor mothers for whom a mandate to "live at home" is problematic.

Teen Parent Provisions in the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 offers a summary of the living arrangement provisions, school/training requirements, and the issues raised by these provisions.

Abstinence Education Programs

Abstinence-Unless-Married Education is a fact sheet that highlights the latest research, public opinion polls, federal summaries of state activity, and the SPDP findings.

Abstinence Education: Room for Interpretation reviews the statute and identifies areas where states have flexibility in program design.


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