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Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

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Currently available:
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Applications, Formal Cash Diversion Programs and Emergency Assistance
Includes Application Requirements, Personal Responsibility Contracts, Employability Plans...

Cash Assistance Entitlement Policies
Explicit entitlement provisions in state statute and policy

Categorical Eligibility/Assistance Unit Composition Rules
Includes Two-Parent Family Rules, Eligibility of Pregnant Women, Caretaker Rules...

Child Care Assistance
Information about subsidized child care assistance for TANF families, families transitioning off cash assistance, and low income families. Also, information on the definitions of key terms that state TANF agencies use to determine whether TANF parents have a demonstrated inability to obtain needed child care.

Financial Eligibility Rules
Includes Asset Limits and Treatment of Vehicles, Earnings Disregards, Maximum Cash Benefits...

Sanctions for Noncompliance with Work Activities
Includes an overview of state sanction policy, information on timing of full family sanctions, and information on good cause for noncompliance with work activities.

Separate State Programs and State-Only TANF Funds
State funded initiatives        

Time Limits
Includes Lifetime and Fixed-Period Time Limits, Time Limit Exemption and Extension Criteria...

Work Activities and Requirements
Information on state work activities and requirements including: Adult Basic Education and ESL, Community Service, Education Directly Related to Employment,  Exemptions, Hourly Participation, Job Readiness, Job Search, Job Skills Training, On-the-Job Training, Post-Employment Benefits and Services, Postsecondary Education, Required Sequence of Work Activities, Subsidized Employment, Vocational Education Training, and Work Experience.

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