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TANF Cash Assistance:
Categorical and Financial Eligibility Rules

Notes on the Data

Findings in Brief

Links to Individual State Policy Descriptions

50-State Policy Comparisons:
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Categorical Eligibility

Definition of Child/Temporary Absence HTML PDF
Children in the Assistance Unit PDF
Caretaker Rules HTML PDF
Two-Parent Family Rules PDF
Pregnant Women HTML PDF

Financial Eligibility

Maximum Cash Assistance Benefit Amounts (detailed report) PDF
Maximum Cash and Food Stamp Benefits, 1999 (1 page) PDF
Maximum Cash and Food Stamp Benefits, 2000 (1 page) PDF
Maximum Cash and Food Stamp Benefits, 2001 (1page) PDF
Treatment of Earnings, December 1998 PDF
Treatment of Earnings, January 2000 PDF
Asset Limits and Vehicle Exclusions PDF
Earnings Eligibility Limits, December 1998 PDF
Earnings Eligibility Limits, January 2000 PDF
Child Support Disregard PDF
Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) PDF
IDAs:  Eligible Uses PDF
Treatment of Non-Recurring Lump Sum Income PDF

Survey document

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